About The Mommies

Best friends from the start!

From the first day we met in 2008, we have been inseparable and our lives have been journeying in the same direction ever since.

We have had the opportunity to share in each others’ milestones, such as getting married and having each of our children.


It has been such a blessing to have someone to share all of these major events with and also share our ideas, experiences, frustrations, hurts, and happiness. Since we have been through so much together, spiritually and on a parenting level, we decided that we’ve decided to branch out and share our experiences with other moms (and non-moms too!) to advise, empathize, hopefully inspire, and most of all, share the love of God with others. Not that we “know it all”, by any means, but we just want to let other mamas (and daddies) know that those situations where you feel alone, you are really not alone. Almost always, someone else has been there too (a lot of times that someone has been us) and God is always with you through parenting and all stages of life.

With love,

– The Mommies


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