A New Venture

Hello my dearest mommies (and dads, grandparents) :)

It’s been a while! I’ve missed writing for The Mommies!  I’ve been a little preoccupied with taking care of my two young kiddoes, running a new business, as well as embarking upon a new venture, and I hope you’ll come along and join me!

Raising Faith Warriors
About a year ago, (at about the same time I stopped writing for The Mommies), I felt that God was leading me to use the skills and experience I’ve gained in the professional field for His glory. Although I loved writing for The Mommies blog and will miss working with my dear friend, Cassie on this blog, I felt like He was calling me to do something very specific. So I prayed about it, and felt the calling getting stronger, so I decided to go for it.
I polled several Christian parents on topics they are most concerned about, and I came up with a website/blog geared specifically toward one goal: for us Christian parents to come together as a community to help each other teach our children about Jesus, and about following Him instead of the world.

If our kids don’t use the Bible as their first source of knowledge, the world will confuse them and more than likely lead them astray.

My goal is to come up with fun but informative methods by age group that we can use to teach our children about the Bible, as well as to answer questions that they may be asked or wonder themselves when they get out into the real world. I want my kids to have a solid, grounded faith, and I imagine other Christian parents out there do too, so my hope is that by creating something like this, we can glean off each other and be in this community together of prayerfully raising our kids to go in the right direction: the direction of Jesus :) The website is www.raisingfaithwarriors.com Be sure to check it out and if you are interested in the lessons, sign up and I will send them to you as I create them!

Disclaimer: I am by no means stating that I am an “expert” at any of this, because I surely am not. Without God, nothing is possible, and anything that comes of this is all Him, not me.

My goal is for us Christian parents to come together and help each other in teaching our kids why the best decision they can every make is to follow Jesus. I am going to pray about each lesson for guidance as I write them, and with God’s help, I’m hoping this can turn into a great resource for myself and others. ♥️

So check it out at www.raisingfaithwarriors.com or sign up directly for the lessons here.  Hope to see you there!


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