A Mission Statement for Motherhood

Hello friends! It’s been a while. I’ve been knee deep in diapers, screaming toddlers and broken crayons. I feel like “busy” is a massive understatement for any mom. ¬†While I’ve been astronomically busy day in and out, often in tears of both joy and frustration, I’ve found myself searching for purpose. Questioning my true calling. Needing a mission statement for motherhood.

MotherhoodMissionStatementIf you know anything about me, the only thing I’ve ever wanted since as long as I can remember was to be a mom. I dreamed of motherhood, pinterested about motherhood and romanticized the idea of it. No one tells you at your baby shower the real things to expect. Since motherhood has been my true focus for so long, and we received the children we were told would be near impossible for us to conceive, I have believed this was my calling. My purpose. My everything. But motherhood in the trenches can create doubt, depression and make all the crazies you never knew you had seep out.

With that doubt, I turned to God and my husband. God assures me with a burning desire, mothering these littles is my place. And I am reminded by Him that it was never promised to be easy or painless, but He promised to be with me, to give me only strength, comfort and joy He can provide. (John 16:33)

My husband is my rock and he suggested I write a mission statement for our home school endeavors to remind us why we have chosen this path. I think this is an excellent idea, but I wanted to take it even a step further and create a mission statement for me as a mother. Especially in this delicate state of mothering very young children.

So here it goes…

God has entrusted these children to me and I will not take it lightly. Each day I have the incredible opportunity to mold them into loving, strong, capable and God-fearing beings with a high moral character and humble persona. I may feel like I’m failing, but He knows I am the best mother for them. I will trust God to give me strength and patience beyond my capabilities. They are His and He is working through me.

All of God’s graces to you my friends!

About Cassie

I'm a God-fearing mom of three beautiful children, a wife to an amazing husband who keeps me grounded, a people person, a lover of the great outdoors and the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love the simple things in life like a rainy Sunday morning, too much sugar in my coffee and hydrangeas. I know very little, but am learning day by day by living in His grace.

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