Take a break! You deserve it.

Hello friends! The blog has been the only quiet thing in my life for the past six months. Since I last posted, we have welcomed our third baby. A boy! We are all over the moon excited to have Jonas Finn complete our family and as I hear nearly everywhere we go, I have had my hands full.

My sweet boy!

New Baby Boy

We now have a loving, non-stop performing four year old, a sweet and salty two year old and a cuddly, easy going 3 month old. With 4, 2 and new, our routine of Church, homeschooling, work, house work and just togetherness has shifted and continues to shift almost daily. My plate is full, so I decided something had to give. Thus the blog went silent for a few months.

Other things have taken a backseat as well, not just the blog posts. Our house is no longer tidy every day, we stayed at home through the Holidays with no traveling and we just “do” much less than we used to. But, it has felt so good to take some needed breaks, be able to say “no”, and just BE.

I’ve been pressuring myself much less since little man’s arrival. Trying to keep my expectations realistic has helped me stay happy through the day and not become overwhelmed. I’m very Type A. I like order and plans. But these past six months, God has asked me to embrace a different lifestyle. One of some times mostly chaos, clutter and surprises. A life that demands you go with the flow, keep a strong bond with your spouse and drink lots and lots of coffee. This new day to day has been good for me. It’s helped to balance me out somehow and be able to let go of the little things that in reality, just don’t matter.

I’ve missed writing and chronicling our lives, but I hope you understand…I needed a break. I think God wants us to take a break from all the demands in our lives and continue to make Him our center. In order to do this, I had to give up somethings I wanted to do, give up power and start saying “no” (which is something I struggle with). I encourage you to do the same. Try taking a break for yourself, to dive into His word to help bring you back to His focus for your life, take a break to spend more time with your kids or take a break from your kids! Just take a break. You deserve it!

Mom of three


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