How to Throw the Perfect Frozen Party on a Tight Budget

Throw an Amazing Frozen Birthday Party Quickly and Cheaply and immediately eliminate $100 off kids’ birthday party costs

Let’s just be real.  Birthday parties can get SUPER expensive.  I recently threw the Frozen birthday party of my daughter’s dreams on a budget and wanted to share these nuggets of info on how I did it with you!

Here is how you can save money on your child’s Frozen birthday party, while making their dreams come true!

But first, if you came here to see how to eliminate $100 off your birthday party costs, this is how:

Have the party at a non-meal time, this way you don’t have to provide a full meal.  I know, sounds like I’m being cheap, right?  This ONLY applies to children’s birthday parties.  The reason why?  Kids are more interested in playing and eating cake than eating a full meal.  That’s why I have my kids’ parties around 3pm during the day.  I feel like, as parents, we

automatically assume we need to provide a meal, but this isn’t true and isn’t usually expected of other parents.  A simple snack such as chips and salsa, Chex Mix and watermelon, along with some bottled waters and Capri Suns go a long way.  Having the party at this time of day gives the families time to eat lunch and then come party afterward.
Adults, on the other hand, do usually expect a meal at a party, so keep in mind, this tip is for children only.

Now, to the Frozen Birthday Party Tips on a Budget:

  1. When it comes to birthday parties (or parties of any sort), Pinterest is my best friend.  You can find SO much info on how to throw parties on budgets on Pinterest, it’s not even funny.
  2. Oriental Trading has Frozen birthday supplies in bulk, and for cheap.  This is where I purchased Frozen plates, cups, napkins, Frozen favors, balloons, and a table cloth.  Hint: Be sure to search for Oriental
    Frozen party on a budget

    Frozen party on a budget

    Trading coupons on RetailMeNot.  You can usually find savings there.

  3. Be sure to have the party at a non-meal time, to eliminate around $100 off the total cost.  See above for more info.
  4. I bought a snow cone maker for Christmas for my daughter last year, and we decided to break it out for the Frozen party.  And as you may assume, it was a total hit!  Instead of manning the snow cone machine the whole time, I decided to hire out my teenage cousin to make snow cones.  She loved earning the extra money and I loved not having to make snow cones the whole time!
  5. Go easy on the balloons.  A few balloons make a big impact.  Remember that.
  6. Make a DIY Frozen photo booth (hint: this can be used for any party theme):
    -Use a solid colored piece of fabric to nail or tack up.  Be sure to hang it where the lighting is good.  If you are using a dark-colored fabric for instance, this can darken the photos, so you want to be sure the light is abundant.
    -Make your own banner by going to your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels and buying the triangle DIY banners (usually only a couple dollars) and write Photo Booth on the banner and decorate as you wish.  Having your child help you with this is lots of fun for them and you!
    -Have a tripod?  Perfect.  Now’s a great time to use it.  Set it up a few feet away.  Set your camera up and BE SURE to test it out on your child or someone to make sure you are the right distance from the scene and BE SURE to set your settings on your camera to the best mode for the lighting.  I use my Canon DSLR and like to set it in manual, but you may want to choose automatic if you are not used to shooting in manual mode.
    -Buy your photo booth props on Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Party City, etc.  There are so many places online to find specific photo booth props and they usually will run you only about $10.
    -Make a sign and set it next to the props.  On the sign, state how you will be delivering the photos (Facebook, email, etc)
    -Hire someone to take the photos.  Again, I did not want to be taking photos the whole time at my child’s party, and I wanted someone to watch over my precious camera as well :)  So I hired another teenage cousin to take photos and she did an outstanding job
  7. Set up a fun playlist on Pandora for free.  Pandora has all kinds of fun kids stations and Christian stations (and whatever other type of music you like) that you can play for your party.
  8. Make DIY snow:  Take two 16 oz boxes of cornstarch and 1 can of shaving cream and mix.  Voila – you have fake snow.  As you can imagine, this is where the kids went straight to as soon as they got here.
  9. Does your child have Frozen toys that you could set out at the party for kids to play with? This are basically free activities.  My daughter has a Frozen blanket that we put in front of our TV with some pillows.  We then put the Frozen DVD on and gave kids the chance to watch the movie (we had it on repeat).  We also set out her Frozen princess house, Frozen puzzle and Frozen microphones (for the kids who want to karaoke to Let it Go)
  10. Download free Frozen printables here to use for your crafts, food, decorations, etc.
  11. Make DIY snowball place card holders (instructions here).

Easy Frozen Crafts under $10:

These are the cheapest, easiest crafts to put together.  As a mom who honestly is not a huge fan of doing crafts (I’m terrible, I know), I was able to easily put these together – in minutes to be exact.

frozencraftsFrozen Snowstorm in a Bottle:

You’ll need:
-water bottle, halfway full
-4 oz of corn syrup
-tsp of glitter

Mix all together.  Shake.  You have a snowstorm in a bottle!
(Makes 1)

Build Your Own Snowman:

You’ll need:
1 large campfire marshmallow
2 regular marshmallows
2 toothpicks
1 chocolate chip
2 googly eyes
2 pretzel sticks or toothpicks (for the arms)

Stack the three marshmallows on a toothpick (biggest first, then the two smaller ones).  Stick the second toothpick down the top to secure.
Stick the googly eyes on
Put the chocolate chip on for the nose
Use the pretzel sticks or two more toothpicks for the arms
(makes one)

Have more Frozen Birthday Party ideas? Let our readers know in the comments below.  We’d greatly appreciate it if you would share this page with your friends who just might be throwing a Frozen party in the near future!
I was inspired to build this snowman craft from this blog, where you can also download free Build a Snowman tags for your craft. 

Check out perfect snacks, playlists and invitations for your party here.

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