The Perfect Footprint Kids Craft!

For Father’s day, we wanted to make something extra special for the dads in our lives especially since we couldn’t be with them in person. I decided my kids footprints would be the easiest thing to use verses hands and less mess! Plus who doesn’t love seeing tiny toes?!

I tried to pinpoint something each dad liked whether it be a love for a specific sport, hobby or just something I knew they would think was extra cute.

My dad used to race dirt track races and has always followed the sport. He currently even sponsors someone who races at a local track to him. I knew he would love these little race cars we made out of my kids footprints. The first thing I did was let the kids decide which color they wanted their car to be, then I painted their foot and stamped it on the paper. Be sure to hold it down for 10 seconds to make sure you get a good footprint and that all the toes are pressed down. Once the footprints were in place, my four year old and I drew helmets, faces and wheels on the cars. We choose to put their age as the  race car number, 01 and 04. We then finished it by drawing the racetrack, sunshine and of course, my four year old had to have flames on hers.

I think they turned out so cute!


For my FIL, we choose fish since he has a beautiful coy pond and our kids LOVE feeding papa’s fish. Once again, I painted the girls feet, pressed them down for 10 seconds and then finished the fish by drawing fins. I used white out and a black sharpie for the eyes after the paint was dry. I let me oldest paint in some seaweed while I used a straw to make the bubbles.

We love these cute coy fish!


For our the kids great grandparents, we did bees and pigs with a special message of how much we love and miss them.

To finish them off, we had each laminated since they were going in the mail. We also hoped these would be a cute keepsake for the special guys in our lives.


I think these were great for Father’s day, but they would also be cute for any holiday or even room decor in a kid’s bedroom or playroom. We used framed hand prints in our girls’ bedroom and I love how the eclectic¬† wall gallery turned out. It was also a super cheap way to decorate while also personalizing and being cute.


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