Upbeat Christian Playlist for Kids & Teens

What are your kids’ favorite songs?

If I had to guess, (and the same goes for my daughter), they are drawn to the catchy pop songs on mainstream radio.  My issue with this is that (some of) the messages in these songs are what I would deem inappropriate for my kids to hear.

I’ve listened to a few catchy mainstream songs recently, that at first I really liked, until I listened to the lyrics, that is. Some of the lyrics of songs in the “Top 40 hits” that a lot of kids are listening to consist of words and messages such as

  • Very obscene language, including taking God’s name in vain
    Upbeat Christian Dance Music

    Upbeat Christian Dance Music

  • Sex
  • Drugs
  • Cheating
  • Violence

Ok, I admit:

I used to listen to this kind of music as a teenager and loved it at the time.

But what kind of influence was this on me?  At the time, if someone were to come to me and say “this music is a bad influence” I would have laughed at them and went on about my way, blasting this music in my car until I busted a speaker out (and yes, I did bust a speaker).

But as a parent, my view has changed.

Do I want these messages drilled into my children’s ears?  Absolutely not.

So why not just switch the station to the local Christian station?

That’s definitely a good solution.  However, the problem I’ve found with some contemporary Christian music, is that as good of a message as it portrays, is that it doesn’t always attract kids and teens.

Why not?

Let’s face it, kids and teens, for the most part are drawn to upbeat, catchy music.  It seems that a lot of music on the Christian stations are slow and down-tempo.

This is definitely not a bad thing.  A lot of these songs are some of my favorites and have instilled messages in my heart that seem to come on the radio just at the right time – right when I need them.

But what if kids and teens had an alternative to the mainstream pop music that they can jam out to, dance to, and that is catchy…just like the pop songs on mainstream stations?

I did my research and found just that.  It seems that several Christian artists are making an effort to create upbeat, “pop”-sounding music and what’s the result?  Excellent, upbeat music that you can sing to, worship to and dance to!

Below is a playlist that you can incorporate and hopefully, eventually replace most of the mainstream music that they are listening to.  My daughter, son and I have “dance parties” where we play some of the music on the playlist and jump up and down, sing and “raise the roof” together.  We have a blast, all while worshiping the Lord. What a joyous way to enjoy music!

Do you have any recommendations you’d like to add to the list?  If so, please let us know!  We would love to have songs to add to our playlist as well!

Upbeat Christian Dance Music Playlist

  • Move (Keep Walkin’) – Toby Mac
  • You Gave Me a Promise – Fireflight
  • Live for the Drop – Capital Kings
  • Til the Day I Die – Toby Mac
  • Our King – Tree63
  • I Feel So Alive – Capital Kings
  • Tonight (Capital Kings Remix) – Toby Mac
  • Ready Set Go (feat. Capital Kings) – Royal Table
  • Lauren Daigle – Trust in You
  • Feelin’ So Fly – Toby Mac
  • Fire Blazin’ – Capital Kings
  • Unstoppable – Toby Mac
  • The River – Jordan Feliz
  • Funky Jesus Music – Toby Mac
  • Man on Fire – Newsboys
  • God’s Not Dead – Newsboys
  • Your Love Never Fails – Newsboys
  • Fix My Eyes – for King & Country
  • That’s How You Change the World – Newsboys
  • Favorite Song – Toby Mac
  • Believer – Capital Kings
  • Beyond Me – Toby Mac
  • Breathe – Jonny Diaz
  • Never Stop – Urban Rescue
  • Lights Shine Bright – Toby Mac

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