What We All Want the Most and How to Get It

whatwewantthemostWhat was the first thing you thought of when you saw the title of this post?  Was it money? A good job?  A nice house in a nice neighborhood? Maybe it was to get married, to have children. These are all nice things, but this isn’t what I was referring to.

What is it we all want more than anything?  What is it that everything eventually boils down to? Let’s take a look:

  • When we’re infants, we long for our mother’s affection.
  • When we’re toddlers, we long for our parents’ acceptance.
  • When we’re grade-schoolers, we look up to our teachers.  We want to be like them.  We want them to think highly of us.
  • When we’re in middle-school, we are very concerned about gaining acceptance of our friends, and popularity.  In our minds at this age, the more popular we are, the happier we’ll be.
  • When we’re of high-school/college age, we not only try to gain our friends’ acceptance, but we are looking for a mate – someone to spend our life with, show us affection, a lifelong companion.
  • After college, we still like the companionship and acceptance of our parents and friends, but we are definitely on the hunt for a spouse by this point.  We don’t want to be alone.
  • When we find a job, we try to gain acceptance from our co-workers and boss.
  • After we’ve found our spouse and settled down, our biological clock usually starts ticking and we long for children. We probably still long for acceptance from family, friends and even our spouse as we have before.

Let’s look at another aspect of this.  We look for acceptance in not only people, but other areas such as:

  • Money – “If I just won the lottery, I would be so much happier”.  Ever had that thought?  I admit I have in the past.  Especially as a “poor college student”.  Is money the key to acceptance?  The key to happiness?
  • Status – We feel that if we can climb the career ladder or gain a higher status in our community, we will be happier and people will want to befriend us.  Status is almost the equivalent of popularity in high school.  The higher our status, the more accepted we will be.
  • Nice things – “If I could just afford a Volvo instead of this old car I’m driving….”, or “If I lived in a house like ‘the Joneses’, I would be happy.”  Does having everything “the Joneses” have make us more accepted?
  • Good looks – “If I just looked like such and such, I would have it all. I could do anything I wanted….”  Is this true?
  • Fame – Have you ever heard someone say “If you could have any celebrity’s life, who would it be?”.  Are celebrities really all a 10 on the happiness scale because of their fame and fortune?  It doesn’t seem that way to me.
  • Youth – Does the thought of getting older sicken you?  If only you could look like a 20-something forever, you would be happy.  Have you ever thought that?
  • Weight – “If I could lose 20 pounds, I would have it made.”  My life would be complete.
 How would all these “things” make us happy?  We imagine that ultimately, they would lead to other people’s acceptance.  After all, higher status equals higher acceptance, more money and success equals more acceptance, good looks equals acceptance, and so forth.  You get the picture.
Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with having these.  They are great.  However, let’s look at what they all boil down to us wanting:
Acceptance.  And acceptance equals what?  LOVE.
That’s right.  We ultimately are all searching to be accepted and LOVED.  Humans were created by God to love and to be in relationship with others.  We weren’t created to be alone.  That’s why in Genesis, God states that He did not want Adam to be alone, so He created Eve.
So that’s it. That’s what we all want: LOVE.
But what’s the problem with human to human relationships?  Although they are wonderful and necessary, they fail.  They’re not perfect.  We can’t 100% rely on another person to love us forever and unconditionally.  But there is one source of LOVE and acceptance that is available to everyone:
God’s LOVE.  Like I said above, there is nothing wrong with having nice things in life, and of course we all need human relationships.  God made us to need that.  It’s when we only go to those “nice things and other people ” as our source of love and leave God out of the picture.  It’s like going to an ocean to drink water to get satisfied.  As Charles Stanley stated, we will never be completely satisfied because we are drinking saltwater.  We will only be satisfied when we find the Spring of Life – that is, Jesus Christ.  Just like he said to the Samaritan woman in John 4:13 13 Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”
Have you received eternal life from Jesus?  If not, all you have to do is admit to Jesus you are a sinner, believe that He died on the cross and rose again for us, believe that He is God’s son, and ask Him to forgive you.  Then you will receive the most precious gift you could ever receive: the gift of eternal life and the gift of unconditional, unchanging, eternal love.
Are you already a follower of Jesus?  There are many ways to strengthen and grow your relationship with Him:
  • Study and meditate on His word daily.
  • Pray daily.  Confess any sins and ask him to transform you through the Holy Spirit.
  • Attend church.  Having a family in Christ helps you to grow in your faith as well.
  • Attend Bible Study/Sunday School class to dive deeper into the Bible.

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I'm blessed with a beautiful daughter and son, as well as a wonderful, amazing and supportive husband. God and my family are the most important things to me. I have a great love of the outdoors, travel, yoga, photography and design of all kinds, I also love fashion, running, and of course, blogging about this extremely hard but extremely awesome journey we call motherhood.

2 comments on “What We All Want the Most and How to Get It

  1. Kristen, I absolutely loved the post I received in my email ” What We All Want Most and How to Get it?” Oh my goodness, I am so guilty about having more than one of those thoughts…but thank you for your words of encouragement. Us women need that from one another!
    In fact, after following The Mommies and Natalie Hodson’s “Healthy Living for Life” page (www.nataliehodson.com), I have been inspired to start my own blogging. I started to think about how shy I am when it comes to sharing my faith. I am more comfortable with words on paper (physically or digitally) than vocally. I know that is an area I need to improve on, so I got this idea that if I could use my words to bring just one person to follow Christ that it would be worth it. So here I am fresh and new trying to make a place for me in the blogging world!
    I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for continuing to encourage me!

    • Kayla! It means so much to me to read this comment! It makes my writing worthwhile when I find out that it has either helped inspire someone else to share the gospel or helped bring someone to know the gospel, so this comment really made my day :-) I totally understand where you are coming from. I felt the same way….it was easier for me to put my thoughts down on paper than to speak them. The neat thing is, since I began spreading the Word through writing, it has become a lot easier for me to speak about my faith and testimony. God gives us strength in unique ways for sure! Best of luck to you with your blog! I will pray that God strengthens you and inspires you to write in a way that reaches others. God bless you!

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