DIY Rustic Reindeer Christmas Mantle

This year we decided to retire our DIY Santa Wreath and go with a rustic reindeer Christmas theme. I had picked up these cute reindeer ornaments from the Dollar Tree. Pack of 5 for $1 for the little ones and 2 for $1 for the larger size ones. I really love how the mantle turned out. I decided to strip our wreath down and redo it to be a DIY rustic reindeer Christmas mantle.

Rudolph Rustic Christmas Decorations

What you’ll need.

  • wood – Keep your Christmas tree trunk once the end has been trimmed. You could really use any piece of wood, but I loved using the tree for the pine smell.
  • sticks – or if you’re lucky you can find two branches still connected. I found the one we used in our front yard.
  • red ball ornament – optional, you could also use a pine cone for the nose.
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • drill

Rustic Reindeer Christmas Decoration

First, find your reindeer face. I used the end of our Christmas tree that was trimmed off. Search your yard or local craft store for twig like sticks. I found a branch with two twigs still connected. They even actually resembled antlers when you held them up! If you can’t find one piece to use, look for two separate sticks. Take your freshly cut wood stub and drill holes in the top to stick your antler sticks in. We only had to drill one hole as our branch was still connected.

Next, lay the wood slab flat and warm up that hot glue gun. You can secure the antlers by hot gluing around the holes. Then place the glue onto the end of the red ball ornament and stick it roughly in the middle of your circular piece of wood. You could use various things for a nose like a ball ornament, pine cone, button or leave it off all together. We wanted to do Rudolph because we knew it would be fun for the kids.

That’s it! Ours stands on its own, but I chose to tie it into our wreath. I attached it to our wreath with twine, but I would have used fishing wire if we had it.

Here is our final little guy up on our mantle!
Rustic Reindeer Decorations

You can also see our DIY Santa wreath tutorial for more ideas, and be sure to let us know what DIY Christmas decor ideas you have to share!


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