DIY First Birthday High Chair Banner

I kept the decorations simple for my daughter’s first birthday and stuck with a “onederful” theme. My inspiration for decorations came from some┬ábeautiful fabric quarters I found at Joann’s. I’ve incorporated fabric like this into my parties before as coasters, under floral bouquets or laid out as centerpieces, but this time I wanted to do a little more. I decided to make a first birthday high chair banner out of the squares.

For this project you’ll need:

  • Fabric quarters
  • Ribbon
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Iron on or stick on letters
  • Buttons (optional)
  • Burlap or coordinating ribbon (optional)

DIY 1st Birthday High Chair Banner

I started by measuring out the length of the high chair and seeing how many squares could neatly fit across. I settled on 7. An odd number, but it worked because I used the front 3 squares to spell out ONE.

Once I knew the length of the ribbon and squares I cut the ribbon, leaving extra on each side to be able to tie the banner to the chair. Next I laid out my squares across the cut ribbon with the pattern I wanted to use. I threaded my needle and began stitching the two top corners to the ribbon. Once I tacked the corner, I began attaching buttons to the same corner. The great thing is the stitches don’t have to be perfect because the button covered them up. I proceeded until I got all 7 squares tacked on and buttons attached.

I then added my letters to the middle three squares to spell out ONE. I chose to use stick on letters so that I could reuse the banner for future parties. They worked out great! Stuck on easily and stayed on for the whole party.

To finish it off, I took a scrap piece of burlap I had and cut it into strips. I tied the strips of burlap between each fabric quarter.

I repeated the same steps to make a much larger banner that hung above my daughter’s chair and spelled out ONEDERFUL. Since this one was a little more labor intensive with twice the amount of fabric quarters, I choose to opt out of doing the buttons and burlap for this one. I’m sure it could have even been prettier if I had more time to spend on it, but it turned out great, is reusable and didn’t take me a lot of time to make!

DIY Onederful First Birthday Banners



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