A Onederful Themed Birthday Party

My youngest recently celebrated the big O-N-E year milestone a few months ago. I chose to do a “onederful” themed birthday party and loved the simplicity and cuteness of how it turned out!

Onederful Themed Birthday Party

For starters, I made the invitations in a program called Pixlr, for FREE. I chose to email them, which also saved time and money.

Milestone First Birthday Invitation

I used another awesome¬†FREE program called piktochart.com to make these cute and easy graphics that I displayed at the party and added to the baby book afterwards. All I had to do was center the graphic and upload her picture! I added the “I’m Onderful” text along with her birthday date.¬† I chose black as the background color because I wanted the graphics to fit in with all of the chalkboards I also incorporated.

PiktoChart Collage

I used photoshop to make this first year milestone sign and used this program called Loupe to make this picture collage in the shape of a number one. I grabed the super cute doodles you see from a freebie shared by Miss Audrey Sue. You can get them here!

First birthday milestones sign with picture collage.

By the way, these amazing chalkboards have had some type of presence at every party I’ve hosted since first purchasing them for $6 (yes $6!) for our wedding. These would be super easy to make as well, just find the frame you want. Pop the glass out, paint it with primer and then chalkboard paint – viola!

DIY Framed Chalkboards

The biggest DIY thing I made for this Onederful themed birthday party was the banner that hung above my daughters high-chair and the smaller banner that was strung across her chair. I’ll post a tutorial on how to make this first birthday high-chair banner soon!

DIY Onederful First Birthday Banners

I also held onto my DIY tissue paper number 1 from my first daughter’s birthday party and was able to reuse it again this year! I love being able to reuse decorations!

DIY Tissue Paper Number Sign

You may remember these keepsake footprints paired with scripture that we’ve posted about too! They made a special appearance at the party along with my daughter’s hospital bracelet and cap. I love seeing how small she was and how much she has grown in the first year!

keepsake baby footprints and bible verse

On our big mirror in the dinning room, I displayed photos in the shape of the number 1 using double sided tape. This was super easy to do. I also displayed the cupcakes in the shape of a one. One thing I did differently for this party – mini-cupcakes! Wow, what a good change this was. These bite-size treats were the perfect size for a first birthday party. I also didn’t have to worry about my three year old getting overloaded on sugar either.

number one decorations

Speaking of three year olds, we had a lot in attendance so I needed to have something planned to keep all of these tiny hands busy. I wanted to make this as simple as possible and also use a lot of the stuff I already had on hand. I decided to setup a birthday card station where the kids could make a personalized card for the birthday girl! I had stickers, paper, crayons, etc. The kids loved it and my daughter loved looking at all the cards too!

Birthday Card Station

Overall it was a simple and memorable party for our little peanut. I’ll leave you with this picture my husband snapped of us, just before the party. You can see how many pictures we displayed. Pictures of our darling were hung everywhere we could hang them!


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