Fly With Your Children Stress Free

Tips to Make Flying With Children Stress Free

Traveling with children, as fun as it can be, can also be a daunting task.  I just flew with my two littles and wanted to share some tips with you that I learned on-the-go. These tips will hopefully help to to keep your little one happy while traveling to your destination.

  • Strollers and Baby Carriers: I can’t say this enough: strollers and baby carriers are a must for flying with kids.  I put my

    Fly Stress Free with Kids

    infant in my Ergo carrier and my toddler in the stroller.  It made getting through the airport and security so much easier.  Another plus:  strollers are FREE to check, so take advantage!  Also, you will use both the stroller and carrier once you arrive to your destination, especially if you plan on sightseeing and walking quite a bit.

  • Turn Flight Time into Nap Time.  How nice will it be to double-task:  You’ll be getting to your destination while knocking your child’s nap out at the same time, and he or she will wake up feeling refreshed and in a much better mood than if the nap is skipped or missed, and you just might get a few minutes to dive into that good read that you’ve not had time for.  Plus, most kids are put to sleep by the hummm of the plane (after takeoff of course).  Be sure to take your child’s favorite blankie and pillow to help induce  Zzzs.
  • Books, books and more books.  If your child is like my daughter, they love to read and to be read to.  Books are a great way for your child to stay occupied.  My daughter loves to “read” to my son as well…which keeps them both occupied.  Bring animated books that make noises (sorry parents, but these do work) as well as books with lots of pictures and pop-ups.
  • Homemade snack packs:  Now is the time to let your kid nosh on some fun, healthy snacks.  Make some pre-made snack packs in Ziploc bags to pull out on the road.  Ideas of what to put in the bag include: homemade trail mix, their favorite cereal, sliced apples and vegetables…the possibilities for snack packs are endless.
    Note to keep parents and kids from having a meltdown:  Try not to fill the snack packs with sugar laden goodies, unless you want the rest of your flight to be taken over by a hyper little one who refuses to take the nap you had planned for them (see above).
  • Games:  These consist of “I Spy” or 20 questions, Go Fish, Name That Tune…the possibilities are endless here.
  • Nursery Rhymes:  It’s good to have an array of songs your child loves on hand, and be sure to take earbuds for them.
  • Keep them comfy.  Let them travel in their most comfy outfit and shoes (and you do the same, Momma).  Be sure to bring their favorite blanket and pillow (as stated above) and don’t count on the airline providing you with these – most planes do not have enough stocked for everyone and end up running out.  This has happened to me, and I froze.
  • Bring a tablet with games or their favorite movies for special occasions such as these.  My daughter is crawling on top of me as we speak – writing this post is considered a special occasion, right? 😉
  • Remember that the air pressure can hurt their ears.  Therefore, we recommend this tip:  Have them hold their nose, close their mouth and blow.  You can also purchase a drink with a straw (after you go through security) which will help relieve the issue.  Pacis help with this too.
  • Fun packs:  Make a Ziploc bag of their favorite toys to play with.  Crayons, notepads, finger puppets, stickers.  These are super cheap and easy to make and usually keeps them occupied for….at least 5 minutes…
  • If you are nursing, this can be a challenge.  Be sure to bring your nursing cover, as some airports do not offer a lounge for mothers to nurse in (we will cover more on this later).
  • When all else fails…surprise them: Purchase a small toy before the trip and surprise them with it when they are at their wits end and won’t stop repeating the phrase “Are we there yet? I’m bored”.

So that’s it.  We hope these tips help get you and your family to your destination in one piece so that you will all feel as refreshed as possible.  Be sure to check out our Travel Tips with Toddlers as well! Have some more travel tips to share?  We’d like to hear!

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