Why do kids fight sleep?

Why do kids fight sleep? This question crosses my mind at least once a day. What I would give to lay down mid-day and take a nice rest some days, but that never seems like a possibility for me. Today, I laid beside my three year old and tried every trick in the book to get her to go to sleep.

Why Do Kids Fight Sleep

I rubbed her back, I gave firm discipline, I bribed, (yes, you heard that right.) Nothing was working. As she fought sleep and my instructions, my frustrations grew and grew.

She pulled out all the stops too.

The potty request. I think she “tried” at least three times. The hunger request just minutes after lunch. Moaning as if she hadn’t ate in weeks.

The dire need of thirst, “water, water!”

You would have thought she had just walked a mile in the desert sun.

Then came the distractions.

Playing with her stuffed animals, scratching the pillows, picking at my face, tossing and turning, tossing and turning… on and on.

As I laid there feeling my frustration begin to peak, I asked my daughter, “Why are you choosing to not listen to me and disobey?…

Then it dawned on me, I have done and do the same thing.

There are so many times in my life where I’m sure God wanted to ask me the same question.

I knew His way. I knew the right way and yet, I ┬ámade the choice not to listen. To try things my way. I’ve fought against doing the things I know I should be doing, trying to do it on my own first. I too get distracted easily.

Just like my three year old daughter displayed to me today, I have shown disobedience to my Heavenly Father. I can only imagine how He must feel with me sometimes. And yet He loves me beyond measure. He is patient. Oh so patient. Watching me as I try things my way, comforting me as I fail and welcoming me with open arms when I come home to Him.

As I laid there beside my daughter, I prayed for patience, I prayed for grace, both to receive it and share it, and I thanked Him for being the Father He is.

Always Loving. Always Patient. Always Comforting. Always there.

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I'm a God-fearing mom of three beautiful children, a wife to an amazing husband who keeps me grounded, a people person, a lover of the great outdoors and the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love the simple things in life like a rainy Sunday morning, too much sugar in my coffee and hydrangeas. I know very little, but am learning day by day by living in His grace.

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