Simple Ways to Show Your Husband Appreciation

When you have small children, or even after you’ve been together  a few years, it’s easy for your marriage to fall by the wayside. The days become monotonous, the children often take precedence over everything else and quickly your relationship starts to lose its romance. If you’re anything like me, you’re also so tired with a laundry list of important items to discuss with your hubby, that you forget to show your appreciation.

But it’s so important for us to honor our husbands and show our love. Hebrews 13:4 teaches us that marriage should be honored by all. Giving honor to your marriage not only shows your husband your love, but it also shows God your faith. That’s why we need to remember,  A-C-T (Affirmations, Create, Time). What have you said today to affirm your love for your husband? What have you done today to create for your husband? Have you given your husband appreciation through the gift of time? Here are some ideas on how you can A-C-T for your husband.

Simple Ways to Show Your Husband Appreciation

Affirmations – tell him you love him and encourage him with your words.


  • Leave surprising notes for him. Maybe place notes in his car so he will see them on his way to work. Or leave him a note in his gym bag.
  • You could also write an email or leave a message for him on his voice mail telling him how much you appreciate him.
  • Leave scrabble out on the table and spell out you love him or a special thank you message for him to see.
  • Hang a chalk board on your door and write a special message for him to see when he comes home from his work day.
  • Write a message on the bathroom mirror for him to see when he gets out of the shower.

Our words matter so much and whether it’s in person or written, your husband will love hearing your appreciation.


Create – Making something special for your husband shows him your love by putting both thoughts and actions into your creation.


  • Create a card or special poem alongside your children. He expects this on Father’s day, but not on any ordinary day.
  • Prepare his favorite meal.
  • Surprise him with breakfast in bed, a candle lit dinner at home or picnic lunch
  • Tackle a task he’s been wanting to accomplish at home. Surprise him by marking things off his to-do list

These types of creations help build him up and show him your love.


Time – Show your husband your appreciation with time. This can be time spent together or “time-off” for dad.

While my husband loves spending time with his family, I know he also loves to do things like golf, watch and play sports and train for his triathlons. Giving your husband time to do the things he loves and enjoys shows him that you appreciate him. It’s important to give your husband this time with no strings attached, therefore he feels no guilt for being away for the day or afternoon to do his thing.


  • Set up a tee time for him, if he likes golf
  • Surprise him and pay for his gym membership for the month.
  • Plan a weekend away just the two of you or plan a guys weekend for him with his best friends.


The important thing is to be genuine. Show your husband in little or grand ways how much you appreciate the person, father and especially husband  he is!

What are some ways you show your husband your love and appreciation? Share with us so we can find new ways to show love!






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