The Art of Giving Books to Children Made Easy

Bookroo, The Art of Giving Books to children Made Easy

is a program that brings a fun learning experience to children by delivering books right to their doors. Their mission is “to enable and empower parents to build their children’s book collections in an affordable and exciting way through curated monthly book deliveries. We believe in the power and impact of the written word in the life of a child, and believe it’s never too early to start reading to children!” Read more about this wonderful program:

There’s something absolutely wonderful and magical about unwrapping a surprise gift, especially as a child. First there’s the thrill of seeing the present, then the building excitement as you rip back the paper to reveal what’s inside. Can you imagine what would happen, if children associated this thrill and excitement with the act of getting books? I can.  I’ve seen it in action. How excited would they be to read if they saw reading and books as a gift? The answer is, really excited!



About 6 months ago, Bookroo was founded to promote reading, and to bring the excitement associated with gifts to books. Their mission is to enable and empower parents to build their children’s book libraries in an exciting and affordable way through curated monthly book deliveries. To accomplish this, each month they deliver 2-3 individually wrapped children’s books (board or picture) to homes across the nation. They do the research to discover fabulous and less well-known books, wrap them with care, and ship them off to you to help you build your collection gradually, but steadily.

If you are interested in Bookroo you can learn more at

*The Mommies were not paid by Bookroo to write this post.



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