Organic Food Too Expensive? Here’s a Little Secret…

A Grocery Shopping Spot That Will Surprise You (In a
Good Way)

My husband and I insist on feeding our children the healthiest foods possible, but sometimes these foods are outrageously expensive just because they are labeled “organic” or even because they have a certain brand name.

My husband is the best at finding organic and healthy food at low prices.  One day, a couple years ago, he happened to stop by Big Lots to look for something we needed for the house and noticed an array of organic food, such as Bob’s Red Mill flour and all kinds of other organic brands for super cheap!

He thought “there must be some catch when these items are twice as expensive at specialty grocery stores”, so he asked the clerk how they get their food so cheap.  She explained that the way they get their food is the same concept as say, TJ Maxx or  They receive the excess that is made in the warehouse and therefore, get to put a lower price tag on it.  So there really wasn’t a catch and this food is legit!

We have been shopping at Big Lots ever since and even have a loyalty rewards card, where we receive tons of coupons via email.  We get a 20% coupon that applies to anything in the store on a periodic basis, which brings the already-low prices to a super-low!

I definitely recommend trying out Big Lots if you have one in your area.  You will also find a good selection of household products, outdoor décor and furniture and lots of other goodies.  Have fun shopping!

*The Mommies was not paid to endorse Big Lots in any certain way.

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