Don’t Let the Craziness of Life Interfere with Your Time Spent with God

How to improve your

relationship with God

I have been so guilty of letting my relationship with God drift

Strengthen your relationship with God

Ways to Strengthen your relationship with God

lately.  I am 38 weeks pregnant, and on Sunday mornings, I have been so lazy when it comes getting myself and my daughter ready for church.  So what have I done?  Slept in.  I even told myself I would watch my favorite church sermon on TV (In Touch with Charles Stanley), but I even bailed out on that a couple of those Sundays.  I was reading my daily devotion and Bible verse, but breezing through it because I was A: super busy or B: super tired.  Then, I found myself forgetting to pray and thank God for my blessings when I would lay my head down at night to go to sleep.  I was so tired that I would just crash into my pillow and be asleep in a few seconds or less.

Does this ever happen to you?  I think it happens to all of us at one point or another.  We get so caught up in the business of day-to-day life that we forget to talk to our almighty God.  Or something happens in our life that throws us out of our routine, or even exhausts us to the point to where we put Him on the backburner to come back to later when we’re less busy and tired.

I had a wake-up call last week that made me realize that I’ve been putting God on the backburner.  So I prayed, asked forgiveness and began to spend more time with Him again.  I already feel the quietness and peace coming back into my life that was starting to fade during those few weeks of my carelessness with my relationship with Him.

Below are some steps you can take on a weekly/daily basis to keep your relationship with God healthy and strong:

  • Pray every morning yourself (yes, it’s ok to pray for yourself J), your spouse and children. For instance I always say a specific prayer, and switch it up monthly. This month, my morning prayer is:

o   I pray to be as kind to everyone as possible

o   I pray for my children to have perseverance in everything they do for You

o   I pray for my husband to be a spiritual leader in our home

  • Read a daily devotion every morning that comes straight to your email. My favorites are The Upper Room and In Touch by Dr. Charles Stanley.
  • Always pray before meals.
  • Listen to a Christian radio station on your way to work in the mornings to start you day off right, and also when your children are in the car with you.
  • Pray before dinner every night with your husband and children. Elaborate on the things you are thankful for and who you would like to pray for that day.  I also ask my daughter if there is anyone/anything she’d like to pray for. 
  • Read the Bible or a daily devotion to your children every night before putting them to bed and then discuss the lesson with them. This is a good lesson for my daughter and for us.
  • Have the whole family list one thing they are thankful for at bedtime each night after the devotion/Bible is read.
  • Say a goodnight prayer with your children.
  • Start a daily Christian marriage devotion with your spouse. My husband and I are reading The One Year Love Talk Devotional by Leslie and Les Parrot
  • Read a Bible verse daily and then study the verse. I have an application study Bible that has cliff notes on each Bible verse.  It’s very helpful and I highly recommend it.  I then pray that God conforms me and my family into whatever that specific verse is referring to.
  • Before going to sleep at night, tell God what you’re thankful for and pray for anything else on your mind.
  • Attend church weekly (or if you can’t, watch your favorite TV-version of church). My favorite:  In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
  • Make and spend time with like-minded Christian people who encourage you in yourChristian walk of life.
  • Talk to others about Christianity
  • Live and love like Jesus does (and pray for the ability to do so).
  • Tithe to your church or a Christian-based charity. Tithing not only helps others and makes me feel great about helping others, but reminds me that my money is not my own – it is a gift from God and I need to do with it what He tells me to.
  • Volunteer. This is another way of giving back and sharing the gospel of Christ with others, as well as improving my relationship with Him.

What are some things that help keep your relationship with God healthy and strong?  Please feel free to share!

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