Paint Your Front Door The Same Color As Your House

We fell in love with our house in 2009, purchased it in 2010 and have been doing non-stop DIY projects ever since. Just like all homeowners, keeping up your  home is a big job! For us, we knew there were some “updates” we wanted to do to really make it our own.

For starters, when we purchased our home it was a tan color that when the sun hit it just right it almost looked pink. We didn’t hate the color, but we wanted something more along the lines of gray. We searched for just the right paint color by cruising around neighborhoods while our kids slept in the backseat looking at houses and paint colors we liked.

If our oldest daughter was awake, she would play along saying, “I like that one mommy” or “The blue house is my favorite.”

We found a color scheme we liked, walked up to the door of the house, knocked and asked for the paint color. Luckily for us, they were friendly folks and didn’t have a no trespassing sign in their front yard. We got the paint color and started planning the big change. For us, it took over 3 years of living in our home until we made the plunge to repaint everything. I think that’s the thing with all big updates to your home, you can’t rush it.

The inside of our home was a color splash of colors, green, gold (yes, gold!), tan, and burgundy. Again, we made it work for 3 years and then found the perfect shade of gray-taupe. Instead of having every room a different color like before, we went with the same color throughout all the main areas of our home. There is no real room definition between the dining room, living room, office area,  hallways and stairways, so we wanted to keep the open concept by painting the same color throughout. In the kitchen and bathrooms, we went with a very similar gray tone that had the slightest green tint to it for a little variation.

Our style is farmhouse rustic so painting bright colors just wasn’t what we wanted. We do however have more color in our bedrooms of green and blue.

Our most recent project was painting the front door. Since we’ve moved in, our door has been a purple burgundy color. For whatever reason, we didn’t update it when we painted the exterior of our home a few years ago. I knew I wanted to change it to go with our style, but at the same time, I didn’t want to buy more paint. We already had multiple samples from our test run of what gray tone to paint the inside of our home as well as left over paint from other projects. We painted an array of gray, cream and brown tones on our door and finally decided to choose the same color as the exterior of our house. At first, I wasn’t too sure of our decision. I was worried that we needed something darker and bolder to draw your eye in to the front door, but after a day or two of mulling it over, I love it!

I especially love it since we’ve added our house numbers, wreath from my grandmother and potted flowers. I think it makes the new dormer we added above the door pop as well.

We also painted our garden bench brown (same color as the gutters) which helped for a fresh update. Next on the list, finish out our landscaping projects and side porch.

GreyPaintColor Door Color Same As House Color


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