Art Party Ideas for Your Birthday Party

Recently, we threw an art themed birthday party for the little masterpiece in our life. Along the way, we came up with a lot of fun art party ideas! I have to say, this was the most fun I’ve had planning and hosting a birthday party. Reasons why? It was simple. It was messy…but fun to watch and the clean up was easy. The kids had a blast! It was memorable and inexpensive!

I asked my daughter what she wanted for her birthday and she had two requests… well three if you include the cupcakes. She wanted to paint and wear her swimsuit. I thought, easy enough… I was thrilled about the idea of an outdoor party because it equals less time cleaning before and after the party.

The best part for us is that we had the perfect spot for an art party. You could say we used our privacy fence as an easel. We rolled banner paper out onto the fence and secured it with a staple gun. Since we had kids ranging from under 2yrs to over 8yrs, we did two layers of paper so hands could reach up high or down low. We used shepherds hooks to hang buckets of water so the kids could rinse out their paint brushes.

Art Party Birthday Party Ideas

We also hung a smaller piece of banner paper up to the right of the main station and wrote “Paint a birthday picture for Isla.” After the paint dried, we rolled this up and saved it for her. We ended up hanging it in her play area and she loves looking at it.

Art Party Birthday Party

I used folding tables and $1 table covers to set up stations around our yard. One held the food. Another held the favors and notes for the birthday girl, and the third table held all the paint, utensils, brushes, stamps and other art supplies. I found some frisbees on sale at Michaels for 25 cents a piece and used those to hold the paint. This worked out great because after the kids were done, we washed them off and they could each take their frisbee home. We also bought aprons from the Dollar Tree and each kid got to take their apron home along with a little pack of paint, also from the dollar store. All in all, the favors where only $2.25 per child.

Art Party Ideas Birthday Party

The other big hit at the party, besides the paint, was the carriage we got from a deal on Zulily. It was made out of cardboard and so easy to assemble. I will say it was probably harder to get it outside once we assembled it inside than it was to assemble it. We got the carriage as a back up in case it rained. We thought the coloring the carriage would be something fun and easy all 9 cousins could do inside the house. We used a $1 table cloth to go underneath the carriage and set it up outside in the grass. The kids loved coloring it with markets, painting it and running in and out of it. I thought it was so cute! It was the perfect size for the 2-3 year olds and the older kids could still go inside and pop out the top of it. They had lots of options, but I liked the carriage the best, especially since my daughter is so into Cinderella.

Art Party Ideas Playhouse Carriage

For food, we kept it simple and did snack mix, pop corn (Skinny Pop – which we are now obsessed with!), cupcakes, pizza and drinks.

One of the best parts about an art party… there are no mistakes – everything is a work of art! So when the cupcakes fell on top of one another and different icing colors collided, I could just say it was a sculpture. :)

Art Party Cupcakes

It was a family affair with 9 cousins total and our little three year old had a blast! The swimsuit idea worked out well too, because just like the frisbees, we hosed her down with a water hose after the party too!

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