Child’s Play: 5 Incredible Playrooms

By Jane Blanchard

If you think about it, kids have an important job, and that job requires playtime and lots of imagination. Many who grew up with a discarded mattress box that was transformed into a pirate ship or spaceship would have loved to have hung out in the playrooms below:

Ahoy! Permission to come aboard


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Just looking at all that is available in this room has the imagination running wild. The stage is set and ready for the next performance with dual rows of curtains installed. Soft sculpture stage blocks and the life-sized mountain scape and trees provide the backdrop for the next production of “Let’s Pretend.” Hours of fun spent escaping into the nautical houseboat are prime time for interactive role playing and storytelling. Play extends to the floor with endless activities that engage growing active minds in this incredible kid’s playroom.

There’s room for everyone

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In this large and lovely room are a full array of toys, activities and play sets to keep kids occupied while Mom or Dad can still enjoy a respite with TV or friends or just enjoying the kids at play. The decorative touches maintain the vintage appeal of the room and still provide ample enjoyment for the kids to indulge themselves.

Today’s lesson plan is fun

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The process of learning is best served when kids are provided with sufficient playtime. It looks as though everything was included in this home school room, from the finger-painting station to the activity table complete with attached roll of butcher paper for creating posters. This classroom is at the ready with myriad books and activity boxes contained on the shelves. We give this room an A-plus.

Everything within reach

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In understanding that kids don’t learn as much as they teach themselves, having a variety of opportunities within reach of the active exploring mind is often sufficient to get the ball rolling. Upon entering this playroom through the magical door, the clock disappears as play transitions on inspiration. With tons of space to spread out and build, race, have dragon wars versus super heroes or keep the beat on the fantastic drum kit, this is exactly the kind of room that may have inspired Toy Story.

A room for every age

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The playroom that has a little something for everyone — it’s a loving, inclusive space. Accommodating an attic space provides interesting architecture and the ability to create a variety of windows for any size participant. From the inspirational upholstery on the comfy couches to the nebulous animal-shaped chairs and perfectly appointed set-up for playing house, this is a room where kids and adults can enjoy many hours of fun activity.

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