Armed With Truth Christian Temporary Tattoos

The Bible is such an amazing resource and it never fails us. Whatever is going on in my life, whether it be joyous or heartache, the Bible provides guidance, comfort and words of encouragement. There are so many verses in the Bible to live our daily lives by and each time I open my Bible, I find a new verse or a new way of applying a verse to my life. For me, it helps to write the verse down on a sticky note, or make a printable and frame it. I’ve had sticky notes of verses cover one side of my bathroom mirror before, sticky notes on the dashboard of my car and even made pretty prints with the verse on it to frame in my home. Seeing it every day, even during a daily task like brushing my teeth or driving to work, helps me remember the verse and later apply it.

We came across these temporary scripture tattoos by Armed With Truth and wanted to share this great idea. Armed With Truth wanted to create a way people could to take all their wasted micro moments in life (standing in line, at a stop light, in a drive through, in an elevator, riding a bike and even taking a shower) and make them opportunities to memorize scripture. The temporary tattoos are designed for the inside of your wrists and last up to a week. I think these are great for kids too. I know my child isn’t ready for these yet, but what a fun way for them to memorize scripture as they get older. They also have stickers with verses that can be used on your laptop, mirror, coffee mug or anywhere else you would like a daily reminder. To learn more visit,

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