Nothing to wear on NYE? We’ve got you covered!

No idea for what to wear on New Years Eve?  We will help you put together a chic, festive outfit in no time with items that are already in your closet.  Take ideas from our tips below!

  • A little sparkle goes a long way.  Do you have any sequins at all in your closet?

    nyeThis can be a shirt, pants or dress, but could also be a purse or shoes? Now’s the time to pull them out and get some wear out of them. Sequins go a long way in an outfit emergency such as this.
  • Think LBD.  An LBD will work perfectly if youhave jewelry, fun tights, a fancy clutch, belt  or shoes (or those sequins) to dress it up.  Start with the dress as your base and add-on accordingly.
  • Pull out those dresses you only wore once  to a wedding, a gala, on a cruise or some other sort of gathering.  These can turn out to be perfect for NYE.  Is it summery?  Why not pair it with a satin, sequin or leatherjacket?  Don’t knock it ’til you try it…
  • Think white (or cream).  I love all the cute white party dresses that are out there, but since I am usually dressing up for weddings, I definitely cannot wear white to such events.  On NYE, however, anything goes.  Now is the time to pull out (or purchase) that little white party dress you’ve been wanting for so long, but have had nowhere to wear it.
  • Got a jumpsuit?  There is something about jumpsuits that scream “style” to me.  They are the perfect party piece and can be dressed up or down accordingly.  Add a statement necklace or earrings, a killer pair of heels, and that sequin clutch, and you are ready to party!
  • Accessorize!  It’s amazing how a little jewelry can dress up an outfit so quickly.  Now is the time to grab that bling out of your closet and put it to good use.
  • Don’t forget your hair!  This is something that gets overlooked in the mix of finding an outfit, but a dressy hairdo can take you a long way.  Have long hair?  Pull out the hot rollers.  Whatever you do, don’t forget to add the volume.  Mouse, tease, blow dry upside down, get the volume going.  Short hair?  Add a dressy headband or hairpin.  I just love these 1920s style headbands that are all the rage right now (hint: this is similar to what I’m wearing on NYE to dress up an otherwise so-so outfit, considering I am pregnant and just want to be comfy more than anything right now).
  • Speaking of being preggo… NYE can be hard for us pregnant ladies.  Right now is the time that we just want to be comfortable.  But we can be comfy and look dressed up.  This is the key, to fool everyone into think we tried hard.  Wear a comfy fitted (or unfitted, it’s up to you) dress, your most comfy heels (or dressy flats), add that blingy jewelry and fancy clutch, stick a statement accessory in your hair and really jazz up your makeup (glittery eyes or hot pink lipstick anyone?).  Voila…you played it off well :)
  • Got (faux) fur?  Faux fur is another material that adds automatic dressiness to an outfit.  I just love this adorable fur clutch.
  • Leather (or pleather):  Pair a leather skirt or pants with heels and fun jewelry.  Add that fancy clutch and a dressy hairstyle for more oomph.
  • The color red.  The color red screams “holidays” to me.  Just be sure to dress it up using any of the tips above.
  • Look hot in hot pink.  Red screams “holidays”, while hot pink screams “party”.  Just like with the color red, dress it up with the tips above.
  • Don’t forget the makeup!  Smokey eyes.  Glittery eyeshadow.  Red lipstick.  Extra blush.  False lashies.  Now is the time to break out these makeup looks (just not all at once).  This will finish off your amazing look and you’ll be ready to roll in 2015 in style!


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