DIY Christmas Decorations

An Over the Rainbow Christmas!

This year since my oldest child is learning her colors, we decided to do a rainbow Christmas tree. While we don’t have all the colors of the rainbow on the tree, we did represent most and it has somewhat of a gradient effect to it. I started with silver then moved down to gold, green, blue, teal, purple, pink and finished with red.




We used white lights and nearly every single Christmas ball we owned. We also used icicle ornaments to give it a little more depth.

If I could do it over again, I would have also added a burlap ribbon or maybe an iridescent ribbon of some sort. I still may, but it would be challenging since all the ornaments are already on the tree.

I got the idea from Inspired By Charm and you can view their beautiful tree that they have had two years in a row now here.

Each year, we do a different type of tree. We usually change something up if it’s just the color scheme. As my daughter gets older, I know she is going to be more and
more into decorating the the with me and I look forward to our trees to come. Here is her little tree that she decorated all by herself this year (minus the bows, they were still on from last year).


If you are looking for a cute and easy keepsake for yourself or grandparents, check out these DIY foam paper handprint ornaments. I got a pack of glitter foam paper at the dollar store last year. I traced my daughter’s handprint out and began cutting it out. I then wrote her name and date on the back and added a hook by piercing the paper with the hook. Last year, I made them in red and green. This year, we made blue and pink ones and also added baby sister’s handprint as well. I only paid $1 for the pack of paper and look how many handprints it made! I still have a few sheets left over to make a couple more too. Instead of hanging the handprints on the tree, I made a little garland with them above our bar. Maybe one year we’ll have a handprint tree.


You may also remember our Santa wreath from last year too.



Well he is revisiting our mantel this year along with his little elf helpers that came from the dollar store. We haven’t been doing the official elf on a shelf, but these little dollar store finds are working out perfectly for my daughter who is two years old. We told her these are Santa’s helpers and they are reporting back to Santa each night on her behavior.



We are also doing a Naughty or Nice list in lieu of our Sticker Reward board this month and I’ll post pics and an update on that soon!

Happy decorating!

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