Has America Forgotten the True Meaning of Thanksgiving?

Have we, as a country forgotten the true meaning of Thanksgiving?  Everytime I turn

thanksgivingon the TV or radio, there’s another commercial about Black Friday and all of the sales that will be going on.  Not much mention of Thanksgiving – unless of course the store will be open on Thanksgiving Day (which is now the new popular thing to do it seems).

What happened to giving thanks for our blessings and spending time with family and friends?  How would the pilgrims feel if they knew that what was once such a meaningful holiday has turned into a way for businesses to make money?  I don’t think they would be very happy with they outcome.  They were so thankful just to have food on their plates and to have survived the past winter.

These days, we are forgetting about our blessings and trying to consume more, more, more.  We are getting up at the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday, or even camping out in front of the stores to get a good deal on the newest electronics.   We are even being down-right ugly to people in stores by yanking things out of their hands, trampling over them, and getting into fights.  All of this to save a few bucks.

Is it worth it?  Not to me and my family.  My family and I have a tradition every Thanksgiving.  We don’t shop on Black Friday,  and definitely not on Gray Thursday.  Instead, we spend Thanksgiving with family, and talk about our abundance of blessings that God has given us.  We spend Friday sipping hot chocolate and egg nog, while playing Christmas music and putting up Christmas decorations.

A new tradition that I have started with my family this year, is to give a Thanksgiving meal to the needy.  Our local Christian radio station has set up a fund with the Second Food Harvest to supply Thansksgiving meals to families who would not be able to afford them.  I thought that was such a great idea, and wanted to be involved.  If you would rather give time than money, that is wonderful too!  Try finding a local soup kitchen to spend a few hours at on Thanksgiving Day.

What if all of the people who spent their time and energy camping out for a good deal instead put that energy toward helping someone this Thanksgiving?  I think it would make us all realize how blessed we really are, and how great it feels to give, instead of to receive.

So this Thanksgiving, why not start your own tradition with your family?  Do an exercise together where you all talk about your blessings.  Make a fun game out of it!  Go as a family and volunteer at your local soup kitchen.  Donate to the needy.  Do something other than shop.  I have a feeling your Thanksgiving will be more memorable than ever!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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