Reward Sticker Board for Toddlers

A month or so ago, I posted my toddler’s sticker reward board on social media and have received quite a few inquiries about this project, so I thought I would share some more information.

In the past, we had been using Time-Out as a way to discipline our daughter. This worked very well at first, but after a while, our daughter became used to Time-Out. She was actually going and putting herself in Time-Out when she knew she was acting out and I could tell it didn’t really seem like a punishment to her anymore. When we first started implementing Time-Out, it would be devastating to her to have to sit in the corner, away from us, with no toys for 1-2 minutes (or until she calmed down). Over time, she grew used to it and didn’t mind sitting in Time-Out anymore. I guess sometimes the disobeying was worth more to her than sitting in Time-Out for a few minutes. We knew we needed to come up with something else.


I could tell early on that our child was goal oriented driven, so we decided to go for positive reinforcement this time around. The first thing I did was list out the areas where she seem to be having problems with obeying us. Like most toddlers, ours was often not a good listener. I also listed out categories of things we would like for her to do like, sleep in her bed all night or use the potty. After I had my list, I narrowed it down to the top seven, however, I would recommend keeping it as simple as possible for toddler age. If I had to do it over I would have cut it down to at least five topics.

I then went to our nearest Dollar Store and got the following items: Black foam board (you could use any color you want), Pack of stickers (I got 280 reward stickers for $1).

I used my chalk board markers I already had to write on the board and used Isla’s bath letters to make the title. Each time she does something in the categories listed below, she gets to pick a sticker and I let her put the sticker on the board. I think getting to pick the sticker out and stick it herself is a lot of fun for her. Once she fills up a category, she gets a prize. (I also got the prizes from the Dollar Store as well.)

As she gets older, I’ll likely come up with more specific rules, but the simplest the better at this age.

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