My maternity style

While my belly has been growing, I’ve tried to buy the least amount of maternity clothes as possible. One, because I know I won’t be wearing it long enough for the investment, and two, because there are a lot of things in my closet that can still be worn while pregnant. The items I have purchased, I’ve chosen not to buy maternity and just go up a size so that I can wear it after the baby comes as well.

Here are some examples of my recent (non-maternity) purchases and wardrobe style while pregnant.

TargetMaxisMaxi skirts and dresses. Now days, you can get these gems almost anywhere! I’ve found great deals at Taregt, TJ Maxx, Ross and Marshalls.

I even found a black maxi skirt at Walmart for less than $10. If you go for the dress, try to get empire waist. That way your belly has plenty of room to grow. I like to think comfortable too. I pay attention to the fabric because I know I will need the room for growth.

The skirts are great because you can dress it up or down. Wear it with a simple tank and flat sandals for an every day comfortable look or dress it up with a lace overlay and wedges for a more dressy look.

Of course, I’ve been pregnant during wedding season too with both of my girls. I try to think empire waist for these events too and I also want to choose dresses that can be worn again. Chiffon is a great material to go for in pregnancy. Its flowy, light weight and compliments a growing figure. Here are some examples from Target.


Go through your closet before running out to the stores though. See what pants you have that are maybe a little stretchy or a size bigger than your current size. This will last you in the early stages of pregnancy. Leggings are also a must have for me in pregnancy and you can even get summery ones with fun prints now!

In your closet, look for tops that are longer. Think layers. Layering is so in now anyways. You can even layer those stylish crop tops with a long cami. Show off your baby belly and be proud of this wonderful stage in your life! Also, check for empire waist tops and shirts made of stretchy material. Same thing with bottoms, check your drawers for skirts and shorts made of cotton that have a little more forgiveness in the waist. I promise, you’ll be surprised with how many items you have that will work!

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