Redecorating with no budget

Want to update your home, but have no budget to do it?  That’s okay, I’ve had the same “wants” and I have some easy solutions for you that don’t involve money!

First things first, pick out your favorite things in your home. For me, I have a few pieces of artwork that I love. Now, you’ve probably had these favorite things of yours displayed in the same space for quite some time. Try to picture them on a different wall, in a different room or if possibly, even turned to form a different shape.

I try to move things around in my home to make them seem brand new again and to give each room an updated look and feel to it. This is a great way to revitalize a room and make it seem new… it’s also amazing to see what items can look so different in a new space, wall or with different lighting.

This doesn’t just stop with swapping out artwork, mirrors and home decor such as candle holders and vases though… another great way to freshen up a room is to change out the curtains! Curtains can bring life to a room with pops of color, fabric and act as a focal point. Try bringing in some color by moving those bedroom curtains to your dining room or kitchen.

You can also move your area rugs and throw pillows. I like to change mine out seasonally and bring the lighter colors to our living room and entry way since those are the most trafficked areas in our home.

Besides swapping out home decor from room to room, you can also renew old to new with a fresh coat of paint. You don’t have to spend to repaint an entire room either! See what paint colors you have on file. This can even be spray paint. Then pick some picture frames, candle holders or mirrors you feel are outdated or need a face-lift. Tape them off, paint and voila! You will bring your items to life again and they will feel brand new. I especially love doing this with candle holders and using bright pops of paint.

You can also switch out the pictures and/or art in your picture frames for a whole new look and feel. Try perusing the internet for free printables. Find a quote or picture you love and then print at home. The only cost to you will be time and your printer’s ink.

When updating the look of your home, think seasonally and decide what colors you want to bring inside to blend with the season. For instance, I love cutting fresh blooms from my hydrangeas or peonies outside in the spring/summer months. In the Fall, I love to bring in foliage from the trees in orange, red and yellows.  Bringing in greenery from outside can really make a huge difference too!

Another thing I love to do is swap out decorations with a friend. My mom and I love to swap items that we are ready to retire. We’ll swap out for six months or so and by the time I get it back, the item will seem brand new to me again. Find a friend with similar style and swap out some key items. You’ll be surprised what a difference a picture, vase or lamp can do to update your home!

What ever you choose to do, have fun with it and be sure to get creative!

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