Easy DIY 1st Birthday Party Tips & Ideas

I am just now getting around to doing this post. It’s from my daughter’s first birthday party last summer, which is partly what inspired me to start this blog. Better late than never though, right?
Below, I have listed tips, ideas and DIY projects that you can use for your little one’s birthday or for other extravaganzas as well (a baby shower, wedding shower, friend’s birthday, anniversary party, etc…) Just change the wording and the theme a little, and voila: there you have it, easy peasy decorations for any party theme.  See below for tips and tricks you can’t miss!


The polka-dot banners: I bought plain polka-dot banners on Oriental Trading for just a few dollars.  I then purchased stick-on letters from Michaels (again, for just a few dollars) and placed them onto the banner.  I estimated that I spent a total of $10 on the 3 banners that I did.  Oriental Trading has an array of different banners to choose from to fit your party theme.

The photo banners: These are SO easy that I probably don’t even need to explain them to you, but I will anyway :)  Buy a spool of any kind of string, twine, etc…, punch two holes in the top of your photo (use extra prints so you don’t ruin your originals) and string them through.

Water bottle labels: Buy these on Oriental Trading.  You can customize the wording to say whatever you wish within a certain amount of characters.  Buy some cheap water in bottles, peel off the labels and replace with these.  Does it get any easier?

Paper poms:  These little bits of decor go a long way when pieced together into artwork.  And guess what?  It’s cheap AND easy.  Buy the paper pom kit (sold at Michaels for about $7), fluff them as directed, place on your wall in the design you choose using double-sided tape.

The table: I bought some affordable, but cute black and white striped fabric at my local fabric store, and cut it into strips to make a table runner (which can be used afterward for so many things by-the-way).  Fabric stores have SO many options and no matter what your theme, you should be able to find something.  I bought polka dot favor bags to match the theme, and even used cupcake wrappers to match.  As for the cute cupcake stands, I bought these where else, but your one-stop shop, Oriental Trading. I had polka dot hats for the girls and I used pirate eye-patches for the boys.  I also included black and white stripe plates and light pink napkins to even further enhance the theme.

The “1” collage of photos:  I took a piece of black poster board, photos of Veda’s first year and pieced them together onto the board with glue to make a “1”.  I then cut and shaped ribbon around it to add some flare.  You can do this with any number, of course :)  How cute would this be for a milestone birthday such as 50, 70, etc… or an anniversary?

The highchair: I found this tutu cover for Veda’s high chair at Hobby Lobby for $12.99!  (Hint, Google “hobby lobby coupon” and you should be able to pull up a weekly 40% any one item coupon)

The birthday girl’s outfit: I got her hat on Etsy (best site ever for handmade/unique supplies), and her dress is Mud Pie.  After all, the birthday girl has to match the theme, right?

Table settings: I made individual little tutus out of tulle and elastic (tutorial here) and used books and fresh flowers (picked from my yard, hint: free) and crowns as table settings.

Other things I incorporated that aren’t pictured:

  • I tied balloons around my light post out front to make sure people knew where the party was.
  • I set up a kiddie pool and slide out back to give the kids something to play on – it was a hit!
  • I provided pizza as the main food and used cupcakes and a smash cake as the dessert (another major hit that wasn’t too expensive and I didn’t have to cook)

Have anything to add? If so, please let us know!  We are always looking for new party tips and ideas!

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