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Pregnancy comes with lots of fun announcements! First there’s the announcement that you are indeed pregnant after the long wait of 12 weeks for most. Then, if you choose, you can find out the gender and reveal!

As most of you know, we’re now expecting baby #2 and recently found out the gender. We choose a different way to find out with each of our girls. My husband is very personal and likes to keep those special moments between us so we didn’t find out in the room with the ultrasound technician or in front of our loved ones at a reveal party.

With our first daughter, we had the technician seal the results in an envelope. We then went out to dinner and when it was time for dessert, we asked our waiter to bring out strawberry cheesecake for a girl and peanut butter cake for a boy. As you can see from the snapshot below, they did a fantastic job and we were so surprised! It was an intimate setting and we loved sharing that dinner and moment with one another.


We then made a gender reveal video to share with our family and friends. My brother helped us a lot. My husband was the mastermind of this idea and he really got into all the filming and editing. It was so cute to watch his anticipation to announce our results grow. We cherish this video today and can’t wait to share it with our daughter someday.

This time around, we asked the technician to seal the results in an envelope again. We did ask her to type the gender out on the dvd though, just in case we should want to incorporate it somehow in the reveal with another video like the one above. In the end, life happened, my daughter got sick, then my husband got sick and alas we just couldn’t wait anymore…so one Sunday morning after church, we sat down as a little family of 3 and watched our dvd together. We were so excited to see the words, “It’s a GIRL!!!” flashing across the screen!

We decided we wanted to do something fun to announce the results to our family and friends. We wanted to get a little messy, incorporate my oldest daughter and have some fun in the backyard! Nothing big, but just a fun way to tell everyone. At first, I thought of using Holi paint or cornstarch paint, but after watching multiple tutorials realized it would be TOO messy for a toddler and I also didn’t have enough time to conduct the science experiment of making it for the first time. I still think it’s a super cute idea, but it just wasn’t for us this time around. Instead, we decided on silly string. It’s fun and super easy to wipe off. My daughter wasn’t so sure of the consistency. She couldn’t figure out if it was a noodle or slime, but it was super cute to watch her investigate it!



For us, we were announcing to our family and friends. Another way you could do it, is have one family member open the envelope, buy the silly string,  remove the caps indicating the color and have all your love ones spray you and your husband with the silly string to reveal the gender. That way nearly everyone is finding out all at once! This would be super cute for a party… and did I mention how FUN it is?!?!

Whatever you choose, or even if you don’t choose to find out and instead wait until the bid day, the moment you learn of your sweet baby’s gender is a moment to cherish forever! We are beyond thrilled to be blessed with two girls and have the privilege to raise sisters. I always wanted a sister (love you brother) too and it’s like God has blessed me with more than I could have ever imagined. I have so many friends that are like sister’s to me, the blessing of sister-in-laws, and now I get to be the proud mother to sisters! God is good!

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