Workouts for Mamas Who Don’t Have Time to Workout

workoutsI get it Mama.  You’re busy.  You work full-time, you’re a parent, your house needs cleaning, your son has soccer on the weekends, your daughter has basketball on week nights.  You have multiple things going on at once.  You’re exhausted in the evenings once you finally get home.  I am in the same boat  – I’m a parent, a wife, I work full-time, I am active in my church, I cook, I clean, the list goes on and on. Some days I don’t even have time for a shower (yes, I said it)… But I do make time to get my exercise in.  Not only does it make me feel better and relieve stress, but it’s so good for my health as well.

How do I do it?  Take the following tips from us!   The best part: You don’t need money! Nor do you need a gym or weights.  All you need is a pair of sneakers, some gym clothes, a bottle of water, and a little bit of self-discipline (and for those of you who are SAHMs, you can do this while the kids are napping)!

  • Do you get a lunch break at work?  If so, this is the perfect time to fit a short workout in.
  • Do you have your own office at work?  If so, use it to your advantage.  Most of my workouts happen on my lunch break.  I have an hour for lunch.  I use 30 minutes of it to work out, the other half to eat.
  • Don’t have your own office?  Use the outdoors.  Go for a walk, or if you have showers at work, bring your workout clothes and go for a 30 minute jog during lunch.
  • Ok, let’s say none of the above apply to you:  How about first thing in the mornings before the kids wake up?  Get up 30 minutes before they do, throw on your gym clothes and break a 20 minute sweat (or less…see below).  Or use your children’s nap time or time that they are at school.
  • Got six minutes?  Try the calorie-blasting Tabata workout.  This workout can be done anytime, anywhere and only takes a total of FOUR minutes (plus 1 minute of warm-up and 1 minute of cool-down).  It is an intense, effective four minutes.  If you have time to use the restroom, you have time to do Tabata!
  • Got 12 minutes?  Try the 10 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout (plus 1 minute of warm up/cool down).
  • Got a set of stairs at your house?  Use your 12 minutes to 1 minute of warm up/1 minute of cool down + 10 minutes of running or walking stairs in between (to your favorite music of course)

Is it nice outside?  Put your and your children’s sneakers on (or put them in a stroller if they are small enough) and go for a walk (and catch some rays while you’re at it for a mood-boosting bonus).

  • Got Pinterest? Pinterest is a great resource for quick, effective, calorie-burning workouts.  Just go to your Pinterest account, and on the top left hand-side, type in “exercise”, “workouts”, or “quick workout” and a zillion search results will come up.
  • Got 30 minutes total (but in two or three different increments of the day)?  You don’t have to get your whole workout in at once.  In fact, studies show that it may be even more effective to split your workout up three hours apart for more calorie burn.  Do two 15 minute intervals or 3 10 minute intervals.  If all you have is 20 minutes, do two 10 minute intervals…you get the point.

Got one to add?  Let us know – I will be glad to add to the list!  Good luck and remember – every mama deserves to be able to be healthy, and  look and feel her best ….because you’re worth it!

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