…But What About the Kids Who Won’t Get a Visit From Santa?

Got your attention did I? Good, that was the plan. What a wonderful season it is…a time of giving and receiving,


help children this Christmas

Help the children this Christmas

spending time with family, and focusing on the birth of Jesus, our Savior. All the children are hoping and wishing for their most-wanted toys from Santa, hoping those dreams will come true on Christmas morning. But what about those who come down the stairs to see that there is nothing under the tree for them? Pretty sad story, huh? Well, it’s not just a story – it’s a true story. At least 4800 children just in the community that I live in are at risk of not having anything under their tree this year on Christmas morning.

It breaks my heart to think about these children, being so sad and disappointed on Christmas morning, but there are plenty of children out there that this happens to every year. But the good news is that you and I can help. There are plenty of ways to help, and it is now as easy as firing up your computer or heading down to your nearest mall, Wal-Mart or Salvation Army. I have made it super easy for you by providing some of the top Christmas charities for children, that helps them to have their wishes granted and will make their Christmas.

So, as you are out shopping for your family this Christmas, why don’t you consider adding joy to a little angel’s Christmas this year? After all, isn’t it the little angels who bring us so much joy year ‘round? Let’s give a little of that joy back this year – and you never know – you just might feel a little (or a lot) joyous whenever you give back!

Here is a list of ways you can help make a child’s Christmas this year:

· Local Angel Tree provided by Salvation Army to help those in need who live close to you.

· Samaritans Purse Christian Charity – build a shoebox filled with goodies for a child.

· Prison Fellowship – for those children whose parents are in prison and unable to provide.

· Make a Wish Foundation – make a wish come true for a child with a life-threatening illness.

· My Two Front Teeth – buy toys for children who would otherwise have nothing under the tree.

· Feed the Children – supply children with necessities that they would otherwise not have access to.

· Toys for Tots – donate toys that will make a child (or several children) very happy this Christmas

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