Party Planning on a Budget

Planning party is fun, exciting and expensive… well it can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Same thing with stressful, but that’s a whole other topic.

We love to plan a gorgeous parry on a dime and we’ll give you tips on where, when and how to pull a beautiful party off on a tight budget.

Let’s start with the basics, we all know the Dollar Tree, Dollar Store and Dollar General all have items for a $1, right? Well if you wait until the seasonal items are “out of season” you’ll often find party supplies for even less! Sometimes 50 cents less. I stock up on items such as paper plates, cups, center piece decorations and napkins for holidays I know I will be hosting a party for such as Christmas or items that are staples for a summer BBQ or picnic.
This is also great to do for places other than the dollar stores like Target and Walmart. They often have 50% or 75% off items once the season has passed and it’s a great way to stock up on the essential supplies you’ll need for the coming year.

If you can’t find the items in store, I also check out their online stores as well. You can often buy in bulk and save even more! I did this for my daughter’s first birthday party and ended up saving a ton.

Another place to look and is often my go to store is Oriental Trading, especially for kid’s parties and birthdays. They have tons of paper goods, tissue pom poms, balloons in bulk and streamers to choose from. When planning parties on budgets, I also try to consider my color schemes and go with colors that can be used again and again. For instance, I choose a teal blue for a baby shower I hosted verses a royal or baby blue. This was a great choice because I was able to use the same decorations again with a slight twist by adding in pink for my daughter’s birthday party.

You’ll often find great deals by checking out the clearance section at Party City and Oriental Trading. Again, by staying open to the theme and colors, you’ll find many more choices are available.

I try to incorporate the party decorations that are multi purpose and I can reuse multiple times. For instance, I love decorating with mason jars, you can use them for drinks with fun straws, as vases with different ribbons dressing the jars up each time, or as utensil holders just to add some southern flare to your party.

I also love to decorate with ribbons, these can be used on gifts, to dress up the guest of honors chair, or to replace streamers. If you go with a royal blue, green, red, silver or gold ribbon, this could easily be reused again to adorn your Christmas tree or packaging under the tree.

I try to keep the same mind set if I’m incorporating pom poms or lanterns. I like using some neutrals like white, beige or even black because they can be used again and again and you really get your money out of the decoration!

Another place we love to shop for unique and often inexpensive party decorations is etsy. If you find just the right vendor, you can get the whole party package for a true deal.

We also suggest searching online for the freebies because there are a lot out there, everything from banners to invitations can be found for free.

What party stores or items do you love? Let our readers know by leaving a comment and happy party planning!

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